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Our business, our background, our passion is connecting people. After executing thousands of C-suite gatherings globally, it was clear that 99% of our clients were attending to meet each other. Not to listen to industry trends in a 5-star environment; not to hear a sales pitch.


Mercury exists to provide that serendipitous conference moment when two leaders who've never met before converse without a vendor or analyst present. And best of all, you don't need to leave your office to gain access to these conversations. Our platform provides three channels to do so:


Peer Match | Private Chat | Forum


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Founder & CEO

Leah Price Williams


Fun Fact: I was born in Dubai

After graduating from the University of Georgia, Leah operated exclusive private events for Fortune 1000 executives in New York City. Over the span of 13 years, she saw firsthand how critically important it is to make valuable network connections in order for executives to solve real time needs. Her client list grew exponentially in response to her relentlessness in making sure their time out of the office was well spent. She lead and trained teams globally, consistently delivering sold-out executive programs.

Her passion for connecting business leaders ultimately led to the founding of Mercury. Thanks to Mercury, executives can use the platform's Peer Match channel to sift through the noise and connect with peers who are solving or have solved similar problems.


When Leah is not at work, she’s dining at the latest restaurant hot-spot, playing tennis, or traveling with her husband, son, and two fur-children.

What Our Members are Saying

Bryson Koehler

"As a leader, I am eager to learn. Meeting smart people who can teach me something new requires constant maintenance of your network and Mercury is a great addition to my personal development plan."




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