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Am I required to participate in a certain number of conversations?

No! There is no commitment as we are most focused on getting the match right. 

What’s in it for me?

After years of market research, 91% of executives told us they’d be willing to help another executive. The reason they gave was knowledge that, down the road, they themselves will need a hand or sounding board.

Within the ‘Forum’ environment, who has access to my posts?

Only Mercury members. No one can even preview our protected site without being accepted as a member and agreeing to our platform's terms. Within the Forum, you can choose to post to your banded forum only (example: Band 3 Forum) OR you can post to all members in the Global Forum.

Can a competitor see my forum posts?

If an executive at your competitor’s company is a Mercury member and is in the same BAND, then yes. Currently, you cannot anonymously post to the Forum. However, keep in mind you have the option to interact with executives via private chat - that way, you are in control of who views your post.

Do I get unlimited matches?

Each member can initiate FOUR complimentary matches per year. In order to initiate a Peer Match inquiry, simply fill out our quick Peer Match intake form and let Mercury go to work on your behalf.

What if I’d like to be matched to multiple executives for a group discussion?

We can do that! Please email for pricing. You can also begin a complimentary private group discussion with members you choose complimentary via the Private Chat channel.

What if my need shifts between the time I submit my Peer Match request and before to the meeting with a match?

Nothing is scheduled until you approve your match. Simply let us know you changed your needs and we'll make the necessary adjustments from there. Notify us by sending an email to or calling us at 404-941-6852.

Do you guarantee an executive within Mercury will be able to take time to connect with me?

In the rare event Mercury does not have a member with the right background to help, our process is to search outside of our network to secure the right conversation for you. However, until a candidate out-of-network consents to Mercury's Terms and Conditions, we won't mention this person to you as a potential match. Once the T's & C's are signed, you'll need to approve the match for us to schedule the connection. 

If I sign up as a Mercury member with one organization but then transition to a new role, what happens to my membership? 

You must re-apply. If you are not re-approved, you will receive a pro-rated refund for the remainder of your annual membership.

What do you mean by vendor?

We define a vendor as an executive who works for an organization that sells software or services to IT professionals and those whose job title includes the words "sales," "solutions,""consulting," and the like. We know this can be tricky, but if you reach out and give us the name of your company plus your job title, we'll be able to make a determination as to whether your company qualifies as a vendor. 

How do I know I won’t be matched to a competitor?

Our ‘Peer Match’ program combines the use of our proprietary AI matching software and human touch to ensure this will never be the case. And please remember, you always approve the match before you are scheduled.

What is a 'band'?

A band is a group of executives within Mercury. Currently, the network is separated into 5 bands, each organized by company revenue. 

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