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Group of business professionals at The Mercury Company's Atlanta social event


Your Journey Starts Here

Driven by Trust

Connect with peers within Mercury’s vetted network offering members 3 digital channels, a private job board, virtual, and in-person member gatherings. Name tags prohibited.

The Mercury Company Forum



Mercury's Forum provides unparalleled access to executives who speak your language. Our forum has three designated 'Peer Bands' categorized by organization employee size. This allows for relevant exchanges where you can confidently reach out to share and receive insight from other executives walking in your shoes.


Peer Match

Peer Match combines Mercury's proprietary AI model with the power of the human touch to match you with an executive who has indicated he or she has been through the journey you are embarking on. Learn intel and pitfalls in a private, pre-approved 1:1 meeting with another Mercury member.

The Mercury Company's Peer Matching program
Two professional executive businessmen standing in modern office


Mentor Exchange

Shape the next generation of technology leaders through an elite program of CXO practitioners and tenured professors.

Stacked cocktail glasses at sundown


Exclusive Live Events

In-person events extend Mercury's digital environment into live dialog and lasting relationships. No name tags.

Additional Benefits

Vendor-Free Vendor Referrals

Before you sign off, obtain real life vendor references and implementation stories from peers who have actually used the vendor's solution or service.

Expand Your Network

Reach & engage a network of technology leaders nationwide for answers at the critical moments.

Accelerate Procurement

Understand who you should be looking at before you start looking.

Supporting a Woman-Owned Business

It's a win-win. Gain insight from a diverse network of peers while supporting a woman-owned business.

Member Newsletter

Learn platform updates, view new member bios, and member achievements through a bi-weekly newsletter.

Job Board

Post internal roles to increase exposure and receive candidate referrals.

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